Mandy Doll Mania!
Air Date October 31 2013
Season 06
Episode Number 12
Proceeded By Dog Show Showdown
Followed By Evil Ice Skater

Mandy Doll Mania! is episode 12 of Season 6.



In an effort to further her quest toward fame and fortune, Mandy decides to launch a line of action figures called Mandy Dolls! And though the dolls' instant popularity surprises the spies, what shocks them even more is when they suddenly find themselves the target of attacks by a few elusive villains who seem bent on taking them out! What Sam, Clover and Alex eventually discover is that Seth Toyman has just finished his stint in the WOOHP prison, and, now free, is the toymaker responsible for creating the Mandy Dolls! However, in order to get revenge against the spies, he's programmed the Mandy Dolls to go after them, which explains why the girls had trouble seeing/stopping them earlier, they're totally miniature!

In the B-story, Jerry creates a life size Jerry robot to help him out around the office.



  • The Mandy dolls are a reference to the various fashion dolls such as Barbie.
  • WOOHP has a gum brand with a mint flavor.


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