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An overhead view of the Malibu University.


Malibu University (nicknamed "Mali-U") is the college that Samantha, Clover, Alexandra, Britney, Mandy, and Mindy go to after they all graduated from high school. Sam, Clover, Alex, and Mandy graduated from Beverly Hills High.

Sam, Clover and Alex were supposed to go to separate colleges, but they ended up transferring to Mali-U so they could be together. Mandy was supposed to go to a ski school in Aspen but transferred so she could be with her cousin, Mindy (who's basically just a blonde clone of Mandy).









  • The library has computer terminals built in to its tables. ("Astro-Not")



The dorm is where Sam, Clover, Alex and the other students live, and is featured in "Virtual Stranger".

On the ground-level floor, the hallway is painted in pink. The floor is not covered with carpet. Instead, the floor is covered in a shiny easy-to-wash material. The doors are half pink, half lime green. There is a bulletin board on the wall to post the news. On the higher floor, there is an elevator. The walls outside the hallway are painted hot pink. There are picture frames hanging on the walls. The doors are dark green. Also on the hallway, different from the ground-level floor, the floor is covered with blue carpet. There is a laundry room.


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