Macker was a villain who appeared in the episode "The Fugitives".

During a previous mission, he had gotten into a fight with the spies while attempting to break into a safe. Sam tackled him, sending him falling over the railing.

Attempting to hang on, Macker took several pieces of hair from Sam, Alex, and Clover, using them as a means of hanging on for as long as he could. However, seconds later, he fell off the ledge as the spies looked on, with Macker suffering injuries so severe that the left side of his body had to be completely replaced with cybernetics.

After that, he was imprisoned but his grudge against the girls became overwhelmingly strong. Fueled by thoughts of exacting revenge against the spies, Macker escaped from prison and using the hair he had gathered from the spies, he created hundred of clones of the spies.

Having created the clones, Macker ordered them to loot the world's central banks, all for the sake of destroying the spies's lives as they had tried to destroy his although Sam, Clover, and Alex intervened, successfully stopping Macker's plan of revenge as they destroyed the transmitter, preventing the clones from carrying out Macker's plan.

Macker along with the clones were all later caught by a WOOHP helicopter with Macker being imprisoned.