Logan Jay appeared in "Dental? More Like Mental".

Once a dentist to the stars, after the President of the United States left his whitening solution on too long and it ate through his teeth, he revoked Jay's Dental Licensure effectively ruining his career as a dentist. Enraged, Jay decided to exact revenge against those responsible for ruining his career as well as ensuring that his former clients became freaks under his control. Samantha ended up becoming one of his victims.

Despite his best efforts, Jay was eventually arrested and jailed. Before he was arrested and jailed while his revenge was finally engaged, one of his dental machines used by a brainwashed Samantha to sprayed on Alex in a purple smoke to become a freak. Unfortunately, it didn't turned her into a freak instead it cured Alex's toothache. By the time Jay was taken custody and takes him inside the WOOHP helicopter by Jerry, Alex thanked Jay for curing her toothache.


Dr Logan Jay and Jerry Lewis