Mrs Lewis is the mother of Jerry Lewis, Terrence Lewis and Sherry Lewis. She was introduced in "Mommies Dearest". She is a helicopter parent.

In "Mommies Dearest" Jerry goes to her house. She is unaware of Jerry's job at WOOHP as he has told her, as a cover-up, that he actually manages a hotel in Beverly Hills. As such, she finds his erratic behavior around her (caused by his WOOHP job), such as "talking into wallets" and going onto the roof (to talk to the girls) as a reason to keep an eye on him.

In the Season 5 finale "Totally Dunzo", Jerry receives a mystery phone call. A man named Mr. X wishes to buy WOOHP and fight crime with an army of octopus robots. This leads to Jerry's and the spies unconvenient retirement.

After Mr. X takes control of WOOHP, the robots that had presented impressive skills catching villains are now making criminals active instead of imprisoning them. Samantha, Clover, Alex, Jerry, Britney, Dean, Blaine, and Mandy are captured by the robots.

Mrs. Lewis reveals that she is Mr. X, and that she was also a spy when she was a young woman before turning to the path of evil (caused by drinking the evil gene that had accidentally spilled into her tea). After the spies found an antidote and Mrs. Lewis became good again.

Mrs. Lewis reappears in Season 6 in the episode "Totally Switched Again". She joins WOOHP as an agent, and is able to go through WOOHP training fairly easily, recalling many of her old martial arts moves. She wears a light purple Catsuit. During the mission, she ends up switching bodies with Clover and feels much more agile. However, after returning to her normal body, she starts feeling fatigued and decides to retire from the spy business.


In "Totally Dunzo" (after she is turned back to normal) she defeated 2 robots with a frying pan. In the same episode she has a flashback. She is shown in her early spy days, flying over a plane using an old Jetpack Backpack and taking the pilot out of the plane. Then she and the pilot fall in the sea and she walks back to the land holding the prisoner. She is shown to be extremely skilled in martial arts. Despite the physical prowess she had shown, her ability is still limited by her age. In "Totally Switched Again" she realizes that she cannot engage in sustained physical combat.


She looks like an old lady with wavy hair. She wears a pink sack suit over a white blouse and a blue medium-lengh skirt. When she was young she was shown as a tall and slim teenage girl, having a long, wavy, blonde hair wearing a bathing suit. She has a beauty mark near her eye.