Lance Wrishback was seen in "Dog Show Showdown". He was responsible for abducting the dog show competitors using his disguised robot dog, Chomper. The girls were sent to observe another dog who is going to be abducted by him. As he successfully abducts the champion pug also from the competition. He was seen competing the dog show competition and using Chomper to win the contest. When the girls, discovered his cheat in the contest. He finally shows up to get rid of the girls and Chomper managed to imprison the girls by a giant dog cage.

He finally tells them his motives that is to win competiton and the award of the world and also for being losing the competiton previously as he leaves with Chomper. The girls managed to escape after the machine crushes they begin to after Lance.

When Lance is about to get his trophy, the girls finally intervenes and Alex's pet Oinky was provoked by her because of the baths she made for him earlier, he washes Chomper by water and finally revealing his disguise as the robot dog. He made all the audience flee and the girls wanted to face his dog. His robot dog however begins to talk and showing his hostility towards his master. He then attacks Lance and Sam manages to save him. He then told him that the only way to stop Chomper was to get him in short circuit. Alex then catches Chomper while he is after Oinky. Oinky remembers what Alex did for him, he then dives in the water fountains and Chomper went after him and finally malfunctions due to a short circuit. Lance wanted to escape from the girls and he was caught by Jerry and his men.