John Smith was a villain who appeared in the episode "Soul Collector".

Since 1287 Common Era, he had been using the 3 Jewels of Sumatra to extract youth from others and give himself eternal youth. He was able to make the other teachers his lackeys by promising immortality and eternal youth to them in exchange for their subservience and loyalty.

His master plan was to use the jewels to extract the life force of thousands of children and teenagers who would be attending a rock concert, effectively making him eternally young. However when the girls are able to reverse the jewel's effects all the life force he has stolen is returned to the victims and he ages and turn to dust.

Unlike the majority of the villains seen in "Totally Spies!", he was not seeking revenge.


  • His name is a reference to the common alias of "Smith" and/or "Jones".
  • Mark Hamill, who voiced Smith, is famous for playing Luke Skywalker in the "Star Wars" films.
  • At 700 years of age, Smith is the oldest villain that the spies themselves have ever faced.
  • Smith is also the first villain in the Totally Spies series to have died as all the other villains were eventually caught and arrested by WOOHP after the spies stopped them.