It is the combination of a jetpack and storage device (because in all seasons the vehicle can also be used an actual backpack and not just a jetpack). It is capable of holding Gadgets, seen in "Clowning Around!"; and a Parachute, seen in "Super Sweet Cupcake Company". The girls use the jetpack for both traveling and combat. The jetpacks are impervious to damage, but cease to function if they suffered from physical impact, the Season 1 episode, "Malled", when Alex and Clover's jetpacks' were struck by the clubs of Simon Tucker's mind controlled ACT regiment. In "Mommies Dearest", this vehicle is shown supporting the combined of Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra. There is no visible decrease in it's power output or flight range.


In Season 1 and Season 2, it originally had the appearance of a pink, heart shaped backpack with a yellow flower on the back of it. This had an engine in concealed in the center of it, and when in use as a jetpack, the vehicle would split open, exposing the engine.

For Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5; it becomes a Vehicle that can attach to their Catsuits, was recolored purple, and had a more metallic appearance. It also can be used as a backpack enabling the girls to store Gadgets when not in use.




  • Max Exterminus takes Alexandra's jetpack backpack off before he places her in his Bug Maker, as she ends up with roach's wings in the area where her backpack used to be. Unfortunately, we don't get to see him doing this as the scene cuts to a commercial break.