Jason Hightower is a young boy and also the main villain in Zooney World.


The young son of Louis Hightower, Jason constantly sought his father's attention, only for his father to reject him in favor of numerous business meetings which left Jason in tears at one point.

Consumed by revenge and wanting his father's devotion more than anything, Jason established a secret base on an island containing a broadcasting satellite dish. Within the base, he transmitted a hypnotic message to all children wearing Zooney Helmets. He tried to have the children blow up Sam, Alex, and Clover by filling them with water, but was ultimately stopped.

Jason later reunited with his father, who apologized to Jason for how badly he treated him.


  • Is the youngest villain that the spies have ever faced.
  • Is one of the very few villains on the show not to have died or been arrested by WHOOP after being exposed and defeated.