Jackson John appeared in "Truth or Scare" and "Evil Hotel". He was a pop singer and one of the celebrities that Cyril Hearsay attacked in order to get information from for his magazine "Yes Way".

Cyril attempted to abduct Jackson on two separate occasions but he was able to escape both times, once by ejecting out of his plane to avoid Hearsay's Truth serum, and the second time Alex was taken in his place because she was disguised as him.

Alexandra admitted to being a huge fan of his by saying that his music really "speaks to her." Samantha and Clover on the other hand described him as being "kooky" and "reclusive" and that his music was meant for a "bunch of old people".


  • Parodies of Michael Jackson and The Beatles' singer John Lennon.
    • World famous singers.
    • Wears military jackets.
    • Music appeals to Jerry Lewis's generation. Although Jerry gets the girls to get an autograph for his niece, it can be assumed that he does not actually have a niece and just did not want to admit that he was also a fan of Jackson John.
    • Has a reputation of being "kooky" and "reclusive", like Michael Jackson.
    • Prefers to be called J.J., where Michael Jackson has been called M.J.
    • Has a private amusement park called J.J. Land Ranch, a parody of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch)
    • Has a pet monkey, like Michael Jackson had a pet chimpanzee named Bubbles.
  • Jackson John owns a private, glass jet.
  • He is spotted in the background in "Evil Hotel"


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