J.R.L Junior appears in "Planet of the Hunks". He was the Junior Senator from Massachusetts and was one of the men that Felicity Fences abducted to add to her collection of boy toys on her island. Sam, Clover, and Alex all recognized him immediately when Jerry showed them his picture during their mission briefing. Clover explains that they know him and the other missing men because they are T.F.T.L or Totally Famous, Totally Luscious.

All three of of the girls had a mild crush on him as well as Felicity's other targets. J.R.L Junior and his fellow hunks were taken to Princess Felicity's dungeon where they were forced to entertain her. Felicity enjoyed making her boy toys battle for their lives against her robot gladiators in her arena.


  • His name is a reference to J.R. Ewing. It also refers to the numerous characters whose importance is signified by the use of initials instead of a name and junior/senior to signify the family bloodline.
  • Despite being a senator, J.R.L Junior did not seem to be very good with words. While trying to explain to the spies how he had ended up on Felicity's island he kept pausing and saying "uh" over and over as he tried to communicate what had happened.


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