The Inventor appeared in the episode "Totally Busted". He was a mad scientist who created the SUDS to turn regular people into spy-ssassins, who would then assassinate spies across the world. He also invented several other weapons, which were also created to execute spies.

Both Mandy and Carmen ridiculed his hairstyle, much to his chagrin.


  • Acid Venom Spy-der (robot)
  • Laser Vision Spy-bulb (laser sunglasses)
  • Spy Fly (robot)
  • Spy-ra (virus)
  • Spy-raser (rocket launcher)
  • Spy-strictor (force field generator)
  • Spy-vy (fast growing ivy)
  • SUDS (Simple minded Users Destroy Spies)


  • The Inventor's WOOHP prisoner number is M101.
  • Is a perfect example of the Mad Scientist trope right down to having "crazy hair".