IceQueen Lookalike

The Ice Queen Perfume look-alike in "Malled".


One of its many variants, the Icy Fresh Nitrogen Breath Spray, was used by Alex against an attack robot in "Celebrity Swipe!". The breath spray has a large range and comes out in a concentrated, blue-tinted fan.

This gadget is a yellow or blue star shaped glass bottle filled with liquid nitrogen,which is capable of freezing anything it comes in contact with.



  • References to the rank of queen in “Totally Spies!
  • In the episode "Malled", the girls confront Mandy and, after being insulted, Mandy picks up a store perfume bottle to put in Clover's bag so that she would appear to be shoplifting. The perfume bottle she picks up looks exactly like the yellow star shaped version of the Ice Queen Perfume.


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