I, Dude
I, Dude
Air Date
Season 02
Episode Number 09
Proceeded By Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands
Followed By Mommies Dearest

I, Dude is episode 9 of Season 2.



Frankie Dude, an ex-surfer who hit his toe on the pier of a beach resort is destroying beach resorts to restore them to prime surfing spots using tsunamis.

In the B-story, Sam goes on a hunger strike with David to help Ms. Muckle after she was replaced by a machine.



  • Clover speaks fluent Valleyspeak and the surf culture language.
  • The shark submarine is seen in:
  • This title is a reference to the story "I, Robot".
  • Top 5 surfing areas of all time
    • 1. Los Angeles
    • 2. Kirke's Cove, South Africa
    • 3. Kangaroo Point, Australia
    • 4. Indonesia
    • 5. Fiji
  • Clover reads "Board Master" magazine.
  • This episode is copied in "Little Dude".
  • Goof: Fiji is spelled Fidji.


Alte cizme

Cold weather catsuits



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