Air Date
Season 05
Episode Number 23
Proceeded By So Totally Not Groove-y
Followed By Totally Icky!

Ho-ho-ho-no! is episode 23 of Season 5.



It’s the Christmas holiday season but the Spies do not get a vacation. Their latest mission is to investigate an Unidentified Flying Object, right above Beverly Hills! After the Spies finish investigating, Beverly Hills gets a strange weather twist in the form of a blizzard. While everyone is snowed in, the Spies race to find the culprit and stop the snow before the town is completely buried!

In the B-story, the girls take part in the Malibu University Secret Santa exchange and learn that the holidays aren’t about materialism.



  • It took Alex more than 3 tries to get her driver's license:
    • Clover: "That was like Alex's third driving test all over again!"
    • Alex: "I almost passed that time, too!"
  • The “liquid H2O Ego” is a reference to designer bottle mineral water and the elegance of French culture.
  • Clover identifies the designer water liquid H2-Ego by taste. This is similar to a sommelier's wine tasting ability.
  • The Blurblurry scarf is a reference to Burberry.
  • All the pens shown do not write.
  • Sam gets a 1 cup coffee maker from Virgil in this episode.
  • The weather balloon has stealth technology, only WOOHP's radar system could detect it.
  • Virgil has a mobile hot chocolate stand on skis.
  • When Jerry's office in WOOHP headquarters gets covered in snow, he suggests they go to the spies' penthouse, saying that it is perhaps the only place that is above snow level.
  • Both Clover and Mandy agree that Christmas is about shopping.
  • Mandy rigs the Secret Santa exchange in her favor, but all of Mandy's Secret Santa gifts are washed away when Clover melts the snow in the penthouse.
  • Goof: When the girls are shown with their gifts at the beginning of the episode, Clover's is light blue. But when Clover opens her gift it is green-blue.