Hayes is an airline pilot turned ship captain. Hayes is obsessed with celebrities, both his appearances are centered on celebrities such as movie stars and television personalities. He apparently suffers from CWS (Celebrity worship syndrome), as later stated by Clover. He is not motivated by revenge (Eugene Snit) or a desire to conquer and rule (Max Exterminus, Salty Schooner, the Black Knight, Auguste, and Gelee); instead, he just wants to imprison and enslave celebrities.

In the episode "Evil Airlines Much?" he tricked numerous celebrities and Clover onto his wide-body aircraft Bling Jet, saying that he was going to take them to Paris, France; before attempting to put them on a permanent trip. In "Evil Hotel", he escaped from prison and built an underwater luxury hotel. He then lured and captured numerous celebrities there and planned to keep them in the hotel as prisoners. He also attempted to increase the sea level on Earth in order to drown the rest of the world's population.

His latest appearance is in the Season 6 episode "Celebrity Swipe!", he again escapes WOOHP Prison and has an underground base below the Hollywood Hills in the shape of a diamond pyramid. This time he abducts celebrities and steals their best attributes, such as Rad Smitt's acting ability. He releases Smitt to his home, but later abducts singing sensation Jason Wiebler and soccer player Alejandro, and steals their abilities. After capturing the spies, he raises the pyramid from the ground in order to make his celebrity debut. But the spies get free; Sam manages to use her Laser Lipstick to zap steel extinguishers nearby and freeze Hayes solid, foiling his plan. He is then taken to the WOOHP containment facility, and the celebrities that he abducted are also taken there to get their abilities restored.


  • In Season 6, Captain Hayes shows his fighting style when he fights the girls are soccer and throwing shurikens after stealing the celebrities' attributes. His soccer fighting style is similar to Roberto Miura of the "Rival Schools" fighting game series.
  • Captain Hayes appearance and outfits are different from season to season. In "Evil Airlines Much?" his outfit is an airplane pilot while in "Evil Hotel" his outfit is a ship pilot and in "Celebrity Swipe!" where he was redrawn his appearance, his outfit is a winter airship pilot.