The Hair Clip Monster Grip was seen in "Malled". The gadget is discreetly disguised as a metal hair clip, appearing as a scaled yellow fish with green eyes. The hair clip can be removed and unfolded to become a fully operational clamp that can bind and constrict whatever it is encasing by pressing the upper and bottom sides together. The clip, however, is not completely indestructible.


This gadget made its only appearance in the episode "Malled". Alex used the clip in an attempt to jam the cables of an elevator filled with mall inhabitants (including Sam) trapped inside. Alex was able to immoblize the elevator temporarily with the grip, but halting the rapid velocity of which the elevator was falling was only temporary, and the grip broke off the cables only seconds later.

Later on in the episode, a possessed Sam traps Alex and Clover within a shopping store, barricading them off with a barrier of steel bars. In a second, much more successful attempt, Alex used the grips to crush through the bars in order for them to escape.


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