The Great Kandinsky appeared in the episode "Do You Believe in Magic?". He was a magician who faked his death after the secrets to his magic/illusions were exposed. He decided to steal artwork to reclaim his title of the world's greatest magician/illusionist.

He has a grandson named Gregor who guards his castle where the spies were searching for him. However, when his grandson found out that he was responsible for stealing artworks and the worlds artifacts after the girls told him the truth, he wants the girls to be released not wanted to join him due to his crazy motives. The Great Kandinsky has no choice but to hypnotize his own grandson to do his bidding leaving the girls in the dungeon and later they managed to release themselves in the dungeon soon after their departure.

In the jet, where all the artifacts were been stored the girls managed to defeated his hypnotized grandson by knocking him down from a stolen tomb artifact. Then they fight the Great Kandinsky in a battle of sticks. Sam managed to open the hangar by throwing one of the gadgets to let him fall along with the artifacts that he stole as Sam managed to defeat him by pressing the button from the stick he's been handling as he falls in the sky and he get caught from the net by Jerry and his men from their WOOHP Helicopter as Clover managed to snap Gregor from his grandfather's hypnotism.  

He makes a cameo in "Evil Jerry" and "Baddies on a Blimp".