Age: 80's
Nation-State: United States of America
Alias: The Granny
Gender: Female
Hair color: Gray/Grey
Eye color: Black
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
Friends: Papa
Nemesis: WOOHP
Personality and Ability
Professions: Bank Robber
Affiliations: Super Sweet Cupcake Company
Behind the Scene
First appearance: The Granny
Voiced by: Flag of USAMary Long
Voiced by: Flag of CanadaMary Long


The Granny was in the episode "The Granny". She was an infamous bank robber who escaped from prison when she was being transferred to a new prison. She then assembled her old gang; Papa and another woman; to rob the Third Street Bank.

She returns in "Super Sweet Cupcake Company" after escaping WOOHP Prison she opens the Super Sweet Cupcake Company that her cupcakes make people nice so she can rob banks.

Super Sweet Cupcake Company

Granny created the Super Sweet Cupcake Company in episode "Super Sweet Cupcake Company" after she broke out of Prison. She created the company somewhere in Beverly Hills according to Jerry. Her cupcakes she made first by hand then by machines in the building. The spies destroyed the company and The Granny was arrested.   



  • Her voice actress, Mary Long is best known for voicing both Naru (Molly) and Koan (Catzi) in the anime "Sailor Moon".
  • In both episodes she shows that she is an excellent baker.
  • Her WOOHP prisoner number is M108.


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