Game Girls
Game Girls
Air Date April 20, 2002
Season 01
Episode Number 19
Proceeded By Evil Boyfriend
Followed By A Spy is Born I

Game Girls is episode 19 of Season 1.



A disgruntled video game maker creates games that transform the world's leading athletes into data and traps them within a virtual cyber world. The girls get their game on as they try to stop her plan. In a B-story, Alex's new celebrity crush turns out to be a computer generated character. But after she meets the creator of the character, she develops a crush on him.



  • Skip Joystick ("Vide-o-no!") is similiar to Carla Wong ("Game Girls"), both were rejected by the computer/video game industry.
  • The license plate on K.I.R.T.T. says "James".
  • The Virtual Reality Disguise Belt the girls use to instantly change their appearance is similar to the upgraded Compowder function.
  • Goof: Jet Rocket Device is spelled Jet Roket Device.
  • Goof: When the girls are first sent into the game one of the other kidnapped girls has the same skin color as Alex before it switches to a darker tone.