First Brat
First Brat
Air Date September 24, 2002
Season 02
Episode Number 12
Proceeded By Zooney World
Followed By W.O.W.

First Brat is episode 12 of Season 2.



With Jerry Lewis off fishing with the President in hopes of wrangling a White House appointment, the girls are formally enlisted to keep an eye on the President's daughter Madison. Yet their new mission turns out to be a terrible ordeal, as years of putting up with being surrounded by the media and the secret service have exerted a bad influence on the young girl.

Typically the spoiled child, Madison dissembles her abrasive manners when the president is around, so that she has never been reprimanded for her misdemeanors. When she transgresses the limits, however, the girls resort to keeping their distance, not knowing that their absence enables a giant robot spider to sneak into Madison's bedroom. When it has dawned on the spies that she has been kidnapped, they find an electronic message left by the disguised abductor who requires the delivery of an insane scientist in exchange for Madison's release.

As the onus for the girl's safety has been shifted onto them, Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra resolve to tackle her rescue on their own. After they have liberated Madison, she atones for her exceptionable antics and apologizes for impugning the spies' prowess.



  • One of the posters in Madison's room is for Leon Di Carpaccio, a reference to Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Goof: Instead of saying “The Washington Monument”, it is spelled “Teh Washington Momument”.


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