Feline Dion was a professor at Malibu University in the episode "Nine Lives".

She meets Alex in her laboratory along with her pet cats who were controlled by her (She was unaware that Alex was a spy). The girls were sent to investigate in Italy as they discovered several cats are trying to cover with strange cloths on the tourist spots. Alex got hit from a cat's claw that sticks in the cloth as it fall it down. The girls flees from the guards in pursuit.

Later on, Alex visits Feline's laboratory and to find out the claw she found was one of her cats and try to manage to mix with human and cat DNA. Feline arrives to see her and Alex managed to leave the laboratory. When she tells the girls, Sam and Clover about what she found as Clover's mother, Stella was here as well, she inhibits some cat instincts and making the two leave her.

When they infiltrate her lab, Alex becomes a catgirl and Feline managed to capture the girls and tells them her motives that she wants to make all the people including the students in Malibu University to become cat-human hybrids as she leaves. Alex managed to destroy the wall due to her cat like instincts and they finally pursue her.

Feline tries to inject the water supply with a serum she made to turn everyone into cat-hybrids. The girls finally faces her and they go for a wild chase like cat and mouse. Alex and Feline are having a cat fight with their animal instincts, Sam tries to stop the setup as she put an antidote to the water supply in a reverse process but failed when the setup reached 0. Alex and Feline continues their cat fight as Clover cheers Alex to beat her down. Alex managed to defeat Feline using the catnip gadget making her hypnotized even to herself and Clover easily managed to caught her in her hypnotized state. As the water supply is about to be flooded, Sam managed to freeze them with the Arctic Blast Breathmint to make the water freeze into a cat-like statue. Mandy and Trent saw this and does not impressed by it and leaves. Feline is later taken in custody by Jerry and his men in her hynotized state as well as Alex as a human catgirl to return in her normal self.