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Felicia Mane
Normal EHS148
Age: 40's
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red / Brown
Eye color: Green
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
Personality and Ability
Professions: Wig maker
Behind the Scene


Felicia Mane was in the episode "Evil Hair Salon". A wig maker whose main factory was in London, she opened up a chain of hair salons called "The Cutting Edge". One of the people who got kidnapped was Clover, but Samantha and Alexandra managed to save her. It later turned out that Felicia herself is actually bald, and Clover felt it was ironic that she was bald and yet she was torturing people who have hair.

Felicia would kidnap girls who she felt had the right kind of hair for her wigs. Restraining them and forcing them to use a solution that rapidly accelerated hair growth, presumably at the expense of the users health as Clover looked somewhat sickly while under the effects. This formula could only stimulate growth not restore it, otherwise Felicia would have been able to give herself hair.


  • Felicia Mane is similar to Madame LaCroque from the movie "Madeline: Lost in Paris".
    • They both kidnap girls and use the victims' hair as their products. LaCroque makes laces, while Felicia makes wigs.
    • They both use deceiving methods to lure victims into their respective traps. LaCroque uses Henri to pretend that he's a relative (such as Madeline's Uncle Horst), while Felicia uses the hair salon.
    • They are both revealed to be bald at the end. This implies that their baldness may be their primary motive of selling victims' hair as products.
  • Her last name is a pun on hair as "mane" means long hair.


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