Fashion Faux Pas
Fashion Faux Pas
Air Date May 4, 2003
Season 02
Episode Number 24
Proceeded By Brain Drain
Followed By Toying Around

Fashion Faux Pas is episode 24 of Season 2.



Helga Von Guggen is back with her new line of clothing, Mystique. It strangles the life out of anyone daring to wear it.

In the B-story, Sam depends on Tyresius for advice, the new mall psychic who's really the mall clown.



  • The title is a reference to a social mistake.
  • Alex makes a reference to the Psychic Hotline.
  • Despite hosting fashion shows, the announcer/presenter knows that televised fights ensure high ratings. "If It Bleeds, It Leads".
  • The announcer/presenter is named Jan Livers. She is a parody of Joan Rivers, who appeared and commentated at several fashion shows.
  • The girls are also victimized by Helga's fashion line.
  • Goof: When Helga shows some of her clothes tightening on a dummy's head a frame of the dummy's unsqueezed head can be seen behind it.
  • Goof: Since Trode knew that Helga's clothes couldn't be removed (except by steam), it is unknown why he would have even bothered with trying to give Sam a new hat.
  • Goof: Throughout the mission Alex is seen wearing the gray/grey boots, yet when she is able to remove them her yellow boots are shown despite the fact they were left behind at the warehouse.