Evil Sorority
Evil Sorority
Air Date
Season 05
Episode Number 07
Proceeded By Return of Geraldine
Followed By Evil Gymnasts

Evil Sorority is episode 7 of Season 5.



It's Greek week at Malibu University and Clover is psyched because she's going to pledge a new sorority, Phi Epsilon Phi, or PEP for short. Sam and Alex are not too interested, especially when they discover that Mandy and her equally obnoxious cousin Mindy are both PEP hopefuls! And the leader of PEP has a sinister plan which involves brainwashing her cronies! In a b-story, the girls each try to find a college activity to join.



  • The diamond heeled shoe is available at only 3 stores.
    • Killer Kicks -- The Valley
    • Mali-U Shoe -- Malibu University
    • Posh Pumps -- Beverly Hills
  • Sororities
    • DEBS (ΔΕΒΣ)
    • Gamma Alpha Gamma
    • Phi Epsilon Phi (ΠΕΠΣ), fake sorority
    • Sigma Alpha Sigma (ΣΑΣ)
  • Activities
    • Campus Art Enthusiasts
    • Foreign Language Club
    • Kooky Coeds of Comedy
    • Mali-U Mathletes
    • School Paper
    • Skywriting Poets Society
    • Students for Studying
  • Sam refers to Mandy and Mindy as the "Terror Twins".
  • PEP's motto is "Positive, Enthusiastic, Pro-friendship / Sisterhood"
  • PEP's anthem is:
    • "From the halls of gorgeous PEP house
    • sisters bond and share
    • We've got spirit PEP and good taste
    • not to mention awesome hair!"
  • Goof: When Sam finds the broken heel she says it's pink when it's actually blue/purple.
  • Goof: When Jerry first tells the girls about portrait eavesdropping Sam's pants are colored the same as her skin.


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