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Evil Roommate
Air Date April 27, 2010
Season 05
Episode Number 02
Proceeded By Evil Graduation
Followed By Evil Professor

Evil Roommate is episode 2 of Season 5.



Sam, Clover, and Alex arrive at Malibu University; a gorgeous college overlooking the Pacific Ocean. However, because they enrolled at the last minute, they find themselves in a bit of a housing dilemma. Though Clover and Alex have been placed together, Sam is being temporarily housed with a roommate, Stacy. Sam doesn't mind because Stacy appeared to be very scholarly. But then Sam starts to discover some strange things about her, she never sleeps, she's incredibly competitive, and she was inordinately jealous of Sam's academic successes. And when the top minds of the student body start disappearing, Sam begins to get suspicious. She tells Clover and Alex that she thinks that Stacy may be to blame, but they chalk it up to Sam "not adapting well to new people". Eventually, when Sam is also abducted, the girls turn to Jerry. Once in spy mode, they discover that Stacy is really evil - so evil, in fact, that she has created a crazy machine that forces the abducted students to use their collective intelligence to do all of her homework for her! Can the spies stop her before their fellow coeds' brains are totally fried?

In the B-story, Sam, Clover and Alex adjust to college life.



  • Malibu University has the following courses:
    • Intro to Basket Weaving 101
    • Quantum Macro Physics
    • Surfology 101
  • The Compowders monitor their users' bio-signs.
  • Jerry monitors all aspects of the girls' lives.
  • The softer WOOHP landing problem is solved in "Evil Gymnasts".
  • The spies start their courses at Malibu University.
  • G.L.A.D.I.S. has been sent to the WOOHP recycling facility.
  • Goof: the title card is spelled "Evil Roomate".
  • Goof: When Clover complains about the Hot and Spicy Gum her lipstick is red/pink.


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