Evil Professor
Evil Professor
Air Date
Season 05
Episode Number 03
Proceeded By Evil Roommate
Followed By The Granny

Evil Professor is episode 3 of Season 5.



As the girls look over the class catalog for their semester, they're delighted to find a course called "Espionage 101". Considering that they are actual spies, Sam, Clover and Alex decide to sign up and get an easy "A". Once in class, the professor takes an immediate liking to the girls and commends them for their extensive knowledge of the curriculum. He even picks the girls to play the role of infiltrators in a class exercise recreating a "famous espionage" operation from the past. Only after the "exercise" do the girls learn the truth. They've been set up and their so-called professor is a failed spy out for revenge with plans to expand the world until it's destroyed.

In the B-story, Sam, Clover, and Alex all get jobs at the campus coffee shop to work off their debt for staying in the villa and have a very tense reunion with their rival, Mandy, who's revealed to have joined Malibu University. They also meet her equally annoying cousin, Mindy.


Villian Gadget



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