Evil Graduation
Evil Graduation
Air Date
Season 05
Episode Number 01
Proceeded By Totally Busted
Followed By Evil Roommate

Evil Graduation is episode 1 of Season 5.



It is graduation at Beverly Hills High, but just as the ceremony gets underway, the entire graduating class mysteriously blacks out. When they wake up back at school, they are not sure what happened. Was graduation just a dream? Even more curiously, Beverly Hills High has undergone some "changes" in their absence. Will the girls be able to save their classmates for graduation?

In the B-story, the girls deal with the sad reality that after graduation, they will have to part ways. However, Alex later suggests that the 3 of them go to Malibu University, which Sam and Clover agree to do.




Arnold: Let me be the first to say... (turns angry) Goodbye and good riddance! From now on, you’ll have to find someone else to do your homework and wear your “Kick Me” signs, ‘cause ol’ Arnold is movin’ up and movin’ out!