Evil Coffee Shop Much?
Evil coffee shop much?
Air Date
Season 03
Episode Number 05
Proceeded By Space Much?
Followed By Forward to the Past

Evil Coffee Shop Much? is episode 5 of Season 3.



Das Coffee Haus, a brand new, upscale coffeehouse chain, opens its doors and becomes incredibly popular overnight. The chain's signature treat is a dip in the "Perkolator 9000", a machine that submerges patrons in a full-bodied coffee bath.

When perky patrons are suddenly reported missing, Jerry sends the girls in to investigate. What they discover is an evil barista brewing up a mighty revenge from his underground beanery/lair.

In a B-story, Mandy finds out that Sam, Clover, and Alex are spies. But impressed by her "tenacity" and "quick wit," Jerry decides to make her a spy. Chaos ensues.