Eugene Snit was the villain in the episode "Matchmaker".

His plan was to cause agony to the girls of Beverly Hills High after his girlfriend dumped him on Valentine's Day the year before. He attempted to accomplish this by installing dating booths called "Arrow through the Heart Dating Service" that helped him to gather information on a girl's ideal boyfriend. He then used a holographic disguise device that allowed him to change into that ideal boyfriend.

The ideal boyfriends that he disguises himself as have names, such as Chet, Marco, Flavier, Peter, Roy, Wally and Jason, as mentioned by Clover through his alternate forms.

Clover sets out alone to spy on Eugene while on a dating hiatus. She discovers his disguise as Marco transforms into Chet as she pursues him with the help of her trackable chewing gum. Clover realizes that the two men are one in the same as she watches him in the Karate gym with Alex with her M-ray Contact Lenses. Soon after, Eugene as Chet leaves the gym and now disguises as Flavier, Mandy's ideal boyfriend who goes to the spa for a foot massage with her. Clover soon realizes that he was suckering all girls in Beverly Hills High as she continues to spy on him using the Ultra Sensitive Hearing Microphone.

The next day before the dance, Clover disguises as a customer and arrives at Glittery Snit Jewelry store where she sees him in his real appearance. She was asking him if he goes to Beverly Hiils High. He replies saying that he goes to Institute for Gifted Teens. She was confronted by his mother, Mrs. Snit who arrives behind him and was afraid of her. Clover then flees after his mother yells at her to either buy her jewelry or leave the store (apparently having been fooled by Clover's customer disguise). 

When Clover was ditched by Sam and Alex due to focus of their ideal boyfriends, he used the disguise of a ninja and attacked Clover fearing she was on to him. During the kitchen fight Clover forced him to retreat, and Clover discovers the letters she saw in the jewelry store earlier. Now knowing that he was behind everything, she angrily states: "Okay, Eugene... If all's fair in love, then this means war".

Confronting Clover again at Beverly Hills High the night of the dance, as his revenge was ready to engage. Clover finally intervenes and wanted to know why he was doing what he was doing, he tells her why and how he was doing it and he angrily tells her his motive of revenge. Afterwards, Clover heads over to grab a hold of the holographic device in his hand, which prompts him to transforms into a ninja and attacks her with a kodachi. He then transformed into a rikishi sumo to deal against her. Clover managed to defeat him by forcing him off the catwalk and onto the floor, much to the shock of all girls in the entire school.

After forcing him off the catwalk and onto the floor, Clover shuffles through his alternate appearances before showing his true form to the entire school and saving the girls from getting their hearts broken. After being exposed for his deceptions, the girls turn on Eugene and threw their faux-gemstone rings at him.

However it was far from over for him, especially when Mrs. Snit, who Clover used to her advantage against him, shows up and yells at him for what he has done.


  • In Eugene's alternate forms, he is able to speak in different accents as well as different languages. In his Marco form, he speaks in a poetic accent while talking to Sam. In his Chet form, he has a well-toned accent while talking to Alex. In his Flavier form, he speaks in French rather to have an accent while speaking to Mandy. In his rikishi form, he has a stereotypical Japanese accent.
  • Eugene was the first villain to slip under WHOOP's radar. The second were the O.P. Parents.
  • Eugene is deathly afraid of his mother, who he also works for in their jewelry store.


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