Edison was the villain in the Season 1 episode "Spies vs. Spies" He was an eco-terroist that Samantha's, Alexandra's, and Clover's predecessors, Alice, Pam, Crimson, were chasing when they disappeared. It turned out the former WOOHP agents had been captured and brainwashed into serving him and his objectives instead. His objective was to destroy all existing power plants, then use a special device to sell solar energy to the highest bidder.

He was seen in a second half of the episode telling the trio Alice, Pam, and Crimson to enjoy themselves while in their mind-control state because of the patches he put them. The girls heard his motives after been forced to retire by Jerry and fall in his underground base. The trio manage to capture the girls by knocking them down with their Expandable Cable Bungee Belts. He then tells them about what happened to him seven years ago along with the previous WOOHP spy team, which the girls declared as traitors, as well as his motives of destroying the hydro electrical plants. He soon leaves along with the trio as they arrogantly tell the girls that they can't stop them. The girls manage to escape, thanks to Clover's back-up gadget, the Liquid Nitrogen Spray to spray her friends in their cocoon state.

Later at night, Edison activates the solar power machine to make the night sky into day forcing the sun to rise. The trio was then knocked down by the girls and they brawl outside of his machine. He was shocked to see them, and orders the trio to eliminate them. Sam manages to knock Pam as she accidentally activated the solar power machine in a reverse process, making it back to the night sky. When the trio manage to defeat the girls, Sam does not give up and she throws the robot spider grenade that she reintroduced to them and sticks it in his solar power machine. He orders the trio to remove the spider from his machine, but failed, as the solar power machine has been destroying and his plans were foiled by the girls. When Alice, Pam and Crimson are now free from brainwashing after Sam, Clover and Alex remove the mind control patches on the back of their necks. Edison quickly flees while riding a motor boat, only to be caught by Jerry from his WOOHP submarine.