Donna Ramon was a female bully who was recently released from Juvenile Hall and held a grudge against Alexandra at Beverly Hills High just for a couple accidents Alex gave her. She owns a motorcycle. Alex had accidentally angered her throughout the day. Therefore, Donna told Alex that they were to fight at 3:00 p.m. Just as Donna was about to beat up Alex, Alex finally saw red and angrily shouted "Listen here, you big Neanderthal! I've been chased by wild wolves, had boulders thrown at me and fought gladiators all night! So if you want a piece of me, let's get it on!". Donna is both taken aback and surprised at first by Alex's snapping at her in a courageous way. She then smiles and remarks that Alex is pretty tough before telling her that they will have to get Alex her own motorcycle while they walk down the hall.

Her first and only appearance was in the episode "Spy Gladiators", where she was voiced by Grey DeLisle.


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