Diminutive Smalls is the spies' smallest enemy, literally speaking, and a former WOOHP scientist. He appeared in the Season 1 episode "Shrinking", where he and his siblings tried to shrink the world down to fit their size. After their experiment went wrong, they were shrunk considerably, but were given extraordinary strength. He was also the mastermind to shrink most of the tourist spots from all over the globe. When Samantha, Clover and Alexandra discover their motives. His siblings battles Sam and Alex in hand to hand combat as both managed to escape. Smalls zaps Clover in their size and captures her. Smalls then revealing his motives along with his siblings to Clover and both Sam and Alex attempts to rescue her but failed and both were captured as well. The girls managed to escape and returns to foil their plans. Sam managed to reflect the shrinking ray that they target in Tokyo. Small and his siblings were caught in the blast as they shrink into extra small size. They were arrested by Jerry and his men from their WOOHP helicopter as the trio are taken in custody in the white shoe box.

In his final appearance, in the Season 4 episode "Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy", rather than try to shrink the trio again, he instead tried to make Clover increase in size, but instead made Mandy grow. Jerry admits that Smalls is easily misplaced due to his small stature, as he is able to fool the prison guards by hiding inside a teddy bear.

Smalls is able to escape as his siblings are still in prison. He was shown to spying on both Sam, Clover and Alex. Later on, when successfully make Mandy increase in size, she makes a rampage in their town in Beverly Hills, The girls discovers his motive. Smalls zaps Clover with a increasing gun to make her increase in size as her red catsuit turn to shreds similar to Mandy's (Her red catsuit also been shredded in "Anti-Social Network".) Both Clover and Mandy are having a cat fight in their neighborhood in their gigantic state as their brawl becomes a gigantic street fight. Sam and Alex are pursuing Smalls as he tried to zap both but avoided. Sam manages to caught Small's helicopter with a chewing gum gadget as Smalls was finally captured from their gum gadget. Sam and Alex zaps both Clover and Mandy from his increase gun which is adjusted to small size as both continues to brawl in their small size. Sam then adjusts the gun as she zaps both back to their normal size. Jerry and his men arrives and finally arrest Smalls and he also takes Mandy to erase her memories of the incident.


  • His siblings are seen fighting the spies with martial arts and hand to hand combat.