Dental? More Like Mental
Normal 63-15
Air Date
Season 03
Episode Number 11
Proceeded By Super Nerd Much?
Followed By Escape From WOOHP Island

Dental? More Like Mental is episode 11 of Season 3.



The girls are sent on a mission to investigate why some famous people have gone missing. They find that the people have nothing in common, save for going to the same dentist.

In the B-story, Alex has a toothache but is too afraid to go to a dentist. Also, the girls suspect Mandy has gone broke due to her sudden uncharacteristic behavior, but it turns out that Phoebe confiscated her daughter's credit cards as part of her punishment being grounded due to her poor grades in school. Mandy manages to get her grades up and gets her money back.



  • Mandy's low grades are mentioned in "Alex Gets Schooled" and "Dental? More Like Mental". However, she manages to graduate in "Evil Graduation".
  • Clover makes a reference to the film "Dude, Where's My Car?"
  • Goof: When the girls are looking in shock at Mandy's sack lunch, the "potato" on Sam's fork is green. After Mandy's excuse that she is eating a bologna sandwich because the cafeteria food is "grody," the potato on Sam's fork changes back to its regular beige color.
  • Jerry provides the end video in this episode.
  • It is revealed that, at least up to this point, Sam continues to put her initials on her clothing (this is how she was able to identify a sweater that was once hers).
  • Goof: When Sam stares at Mandy in the cafeteria the food on her fork is green but when Sam says Mandy is the one who brought a bologna sandwich the food on her fork is light brown.
  • Goof: Clover says that she has never been kidnapped and taken to Paris, but in "Freaky Circus Much?," she and Alex were kidnapped and taken to Paris.
  • Goof: When Sam closes the Compowder after cross-referencing all the missing people, if you look closely, you can see that she has 6 fingers on her right hand instead of 4.


Phoebe: (off-screen) Mandy! (on-screen) You're not allowed to talk to your friends! That is what being grounded means!
Clover: (confused) Grounded?
Mandy: (panics) Please... these are so not my friends.
Phoebe: No buts, young lady! You will get your Master Platinum back and your freedom when those grades improve. (drags Mandy inside) Now up to your room!