Danger TV
Air Date December 20 2013
Season 06
Episode Number 23
Proceeded By Jungle Boogie
Followed By Solo Spies

Danger TV is episode 23 of Season 6.



When a kids' TV show celebrity is abducted on-air, the spies immediately investigate. And when they finally find the celebrity, they discover he's being forced to pull off a death-defying stunt in front of crowds of people against his will! But who would force him to do such a terrible thing? Cue The Producer, an adrenaline-junkie creator of a show called "Danger TV". Nothing is too dangerous for "Danger TV" as long as it gets ratings. In the end, the spies are run through a dangerous gauntlet while being broadcast live. Can the girls survive this crazed producer and shut his show down for good?

In the B-story, Clover's cousin Norman comes to visit and Jerry is enlisted to babysit while the spies are on a mission.



  • The storyline is a parody of "Reality TV".
  • The "I'm ready for my close-up" line is from "Sunset Boulevard".
  • This marks the return of Clover's cousin, Norman from "Zooney World". His age has not changed.
  • Jerry mentions he has a brother and sister, Terrence Lewis and Sherry. This is the first time in the series that Jerry has mentioned his sister.


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