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Daimon appeared in "A Thing For Musicians". He was a new student as Beverly Hills High and a guitarist. Clover gained a crush on him instantly when she saw him playing the guitar and tried to get him to go out with her only to learn that he already was seeing Mandy. Clover still refused to give up on him because she quote "just had a thing for musicians".

Later she told him that she was on tour with Ricky Mathis with her band (The SPIES; the fake band Jerry Lewis created for Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra to get close to Ricky Mathis) in an effort to appeal to his musical interests and get him to notice her more than Mandy. Her plan worked and Daimon immeditely lost interest in Mandy and began to pursue Clover, even sending her roses in London at the hotel she was staying at.

At the end of the episode he asked Clover if she'd like to go out with him but Clover told him that after her whole touring experience with Ricky, she was "sooo over" musicians and was no longer interested in him. After turning him down she claimed she needed to stop falling in love with just any guy who had "a guitar in his hand" but instantly went back on her word when she gained a crush on another new student who was asking for directions to the music room with a guitar in his hand showing that it was probably just Daimon she got over and not her thing for musicians.


  • Daimon's last name (Reynolds) was revealed by Jerry Lewis when he told the spies who sent them the roses they found in their hotel suite.


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