Clover's Mansion exterior

The exterior of Clover's mansion


Clover's Mansion is where Clover and Stella live. It is featured in Season 1 Episode 18 "Evil Boyfriend" and Season 2 Episode 37 "Zooney World".


Clover lives here along with her mother. In "Zooney World", Clover's cousin Norman stay there with them. Sam and Alex hang out with Clover here on several occasions. The exterior is quite casual, with the champagne-colored walls, a terracotta colored roof, ceiling-to-floor glass windows, and poolside palm trees. Palm trees next to the swimming pool are a signature of California. 

The house is filled with varying shades of pink. The TV room is covered with hot pink wallpaper, and almost everything in the house is pink.

Clover's room doesn't follow a specific style. It is the combination of a little bit of everything. It is girly girl, and, like the rest of the house, is filled with shades of pink. The floors in her two-level room are wooden. There is a staircase right inside her room which leads to an isolated upper-level study area. There, she has a poster, bookshelf, desk, and computer.