Cheston is the main character from their movie "The Dusk of Dawn" as he faces his nemesis Durlock by clashing with their elemental magics from their rods. Both saw the giant heart artifact as it glows behind them.

He and Durlock are released when Alex dropped her Crim Cam Catcher. Soon both of them are clashing again and their fight causes chaos in Hollywood. The girls were immediately sent by Jerry to investigate the chaos that they made.The girls found Cheston's cloak after the fight with Durlock.

The next day in Beverly Hills, Cheston is searching for Durlock as he found him. Both are clashing as the girls found them and manage to save him and Alex faces Durlock as the latter escapes. She was a big fan towards him and easily falls in love. The girls and Cheston finally confront Durlock bounding the girls including him from his spell as he escapes once again. Cheston manages to save the girls as he burst in tears creating a crystal barrier to save them. Alex is soon abducted by Durlock who thinks she has the heart pendant he was looking for. They pursue him and finally knows his weakness.

Cheston fights Durlock and he tries to attack them with his lightning spell. The girls manage to counterattack his spell with a combination of fire and lightning that they absorbed from their Hands Off Handbags, and defeats him in a process. Before he departs by shooting him with a Crim Cam Catcher, Cheston begins to have feelings towards Alex and she tells him that they can't fall in love due to living in different worlds. In the end of the episode, Cheston is seen in shirtless to think someone steals his blue peasant shirt as Alex wore them after sending him back to where he came in the movie.


  • Cheston is the parody version of Seth Gecko, Richie's brother and the main character of the film "From Dusk till Dawn".
  • His fight with Durlock is similar to the Season 1 finale of Winx Club where Bloom and Icy are clashing with their elemental spells which is fire and ice. In their case, they fight with fire and lightning. 
  • His name is the parody and allusion to the character, Gaston, the main antagonist of the Disney's 1994 film, "Beauty and the Beast" and his blue peasant clothes resemble's Gaston's red peasant clothes.