The Changable Application Spy Haltertop was seen in "Malled". The gadget is a metal halter top, though only half is shown as it is worn on the girls' back. It has a streamlined blue color scheme with purple accents, and resembles a backpack more than a halter top when worn. The gadget itself is affixed to the user by a belt that clasps together.

According to Jerry Lewis, it "could be a parachute, a net, a flotation device", but only the last option is shown on-screen. The parachute function deploys on its own, through the use of a timer, and the parachute is in a flower shape, with the center being white and the petals sharing the same color as the user's signature color.


This gadget made its first and only appearance in the episode "Malled". Alex and Clover used the parachute function of the gadget after they both grabbed Sam and jumped off from the third floor of a mall.


  • During Jerry's traditional gadget distribution, when he originally introduces CASH and during its actual use, the gadget is blue and purple. When he actually hands out (or throws, in this case), CASH to the girls, it appears to be orange and purple.

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