Celebrity Swipe!
Air Date October 5 2013
Season 06
Episode Number 08
Proceeded By The Wedding Crasher
Followed By Super Sweet Cupcake Company

Celebrity Swipe! is episode 8 of Season 6.



When Hollywood's most famous romantic lead actor, Rad Smitt; suddenly goes missing, Sam, Clover, and Alex are devastated! But when they go to Rad's posh estate to search for clues, they find that Rad, though acting a bit strangely, is not missing at all, and, in fact, has no memory of being kidnapped in the first place! But when the world's top soccer star and the world's top singer also disappear, the girls eventually discover that Captain Hayes is to blame. Instead of his Celebrity worship syndrome driving him to try and be around the rich and famous, he is now determined to become one of them himself, by using a crazy machine that he has invented to steal their best attributes!

In a B-story, a talent scout comes to Malibu University to check out Mandy, but ends up signing Alex's pet pig Oinky instead.



  • Parodies
  • Mandy uses music and poses from "Vogue".
  • Sam is seen in a high swept ponytail rather than letting her hair down during the entire episode. However, when the spies were escaping Hayes' mansion as it was rising from underground, Sam is briefly shown with her hair down before it's shown as a high swept ponytail again.
  • Hayes has a new character appearance.