Carla Wong
Normal 20-40
Age: 30s-40s
Nation-State: People's Republic of China / Republic of China
Alias: Lady Dragon
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
Nemesis: Video game industry
Personality and Ability
Professions: Video game designer
Behind the Scene
Voiced by: Flag of USALauren Tom


Carla Wong was in the episode "Game Girls". She was also known as the "Lady Dragon" because of the tattoo on her back.

Her plan was to abduct the basketball players or players in other sports by shooting them with a video game zapper to make as her video game characters in a dangerous video game that she made. She shoots Alex with a video game gun as she traps her in the game that she made when she was pursued by Sam and Clover as a biker.

Later, both girls finally confronts Carla and her two bodyguards and finally reveals her motives to them. Both girls managed to defeat her bodyguards and attempts to escape as Carla shoots them with her video game gun finally caught them in the process. She then plays her own video game to torture the girls as well as the players that she abducts earlier.

Alex managed to save her friends and the players by the help of her blue/silver catsuit and the necklace gadget that they used they managed to get back to their real world. The girls now fights Carla as she shoots them with her video game gun as both Clover and Sam uses their gadget to make an illusion version of themselves to avoid being shot from it. She activates the video game zapper to take the players and Alex back to the video game she made. Alex knows that it's permanent, Sam managed to destroy the video game zapper as Carla avoids the explosion and attempts to flee while riding her bike. Sam managed to stop her from escaping by knocking her off from her bike. As a last attempt to put the girls out of misery, she uses a video game projector to capture them as Jerry managed to zap her with her video game gun and traps her to her own dangerous video game. When her gun has been confiscated, Carla was trapped in her own video game as the sharks are after her and she screams in agony as she was devoured by the sharks in her own video game.

She makes a cameo in "Evil Jerry" and "Escape From WOOHP Island".


  • Skip Joystick ("Vide-o-no!") is similiar to Carla Wong ("Game Girls"), both were rejected by the computer/video game industry.
  • Carla Wong is a parody and allusion to the video game character Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series who also shares the same surname. Her first name however is based on Ada's doppelganger, Carla Radames the antagonist in Resident Evil 6. Her full name is a mixture of Carla's first name and Ada's surname to make it as "Carla Wong". The fact that she has the first name of Ada's doppelganger is just a coincidence since Carla debuted in Totally Spies 11 years before Resident Evil 6 was released.
  • Carla's outfit is based on Anna Williams's primary outfit from "Tekken 5" and onwards as her outfit does not show it's cleavage like Anna's and was backless as the purple dragon tattoo on her back is visible and the color of her dress is dark magenta.
  • Jenny Burtory from the Bloody Roar series of fighting games also shares the same outfit as Carla in the third installment of the game. But her outfit appears to be much more revealing showing both cleavage and backless and the color is fuschia pink.
  • In the near end of the episode, Carla is shown screaming in agony when she was devoured by the sharks in her own video game. Anna also screams when she was devoured in "Tekken: The Motion Picture" by an Alex dinosaur that Lee released to kill the fighters.


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