CHAD (Computer Home Analyzer and Defender) appeared in "Silicon Valley Girls". CHAD is a sentient and autonomous artificial intelligent / multi-agent system created by Adam Lewis that can access and control any computer in the world.

CHAD was responsible to control any computer and devices in the world as seen when it controls the roller coaster by itself without the being controlled by the technician to make one of Adam's bullies pay for what he did. At WOOHP mobile headquarters, Jerry shows the havoc he had made when it continues to control the roller coaster and the other is capturing a tourist in the airport as well as Vegan which CHAD controls the elevator to knock her down from up and down. The girls are sent in Las Vegas as Brett is been stuck in the roller coaster while being in CHAD's control as Clover manage to derail and Sam saves him. Brick then explains that he's from the football team who does not like computers as CHAD controls one in the hotel shows targeting him as most of the robots from his control became hostile and attacks them. Alex manage to destroy the robots using one of her gadgets and Sam orders some back up to put Brick into safety and they went to Italy.

At Italy the girls are observing the railway while riding the trolley as they meet Adam's coach. CHAD controls the trolley and goes to move by itself and they manage to save Adam's coach as the trolley they been riding has been crashed in the end of the rail. He then explains to them that it was the same Adam Lewis was moved into Silicon Valley High School in San Francisco. The girls then investigate in Silicon Valley. They take the backstage to investigate while taking disguise as one of the exchange students in Silicon Valley and they meet Adam Lewis who is uploading his computer and asking where Principal Vegan is. The girls noticed that it was CHAD that Adam was uploading from his computer and gain access from his password and he was the one who create CHAD. He tells them that it was hard for a new student to make friends but ends up being bullied by anyone else. Principal Vegan arrives and scolds Adam not to use her computer and orders him to leave her office. The girls tell her that she's in great danger due to Adam's gadget, CHAD and orders him to deal the principal. 

Adam became suspicious to see CHAD was trying to control most of the computer and devices to deal the people who bully him and scolds him causing the principal's office to be flooded by sprinklers and the water dispense machines Alex use the life saver boat to save Principal Vegan. The girls noticed the same voice which is CHAD and Alex swims through the door and open by using her gadget to unlock and to release the waters and they go for a white water rafting. After this, Principal Vegan wants to faint. Later they call Jerry and he tells them that CHAD is hacking the military computer devices from the military base and they were sent to investigate. Just then when the girls disguised as soldiers they order them to leave and to their dismay CHAD controls the missiles while hacking the computer devices even Clover screams while being electrocuted as CHAD manage to hack the system. He tells them that there's no opportunity to interfere he has some schools to deal with knowing that CHAD plans to destroy the school that Adam was studying. Clover temporary stops the missiles and gives CHAD a few hours before he activates as Alex gets the Ice Queen Perfume to freeze the metal to make them escape the base and knowing that Adam is the real suspect.

At Adam's house, CHAD tells Adam that he ran with the girls who poses as exchange students and revealing that they're from Beverly High. Adam knows that they are lying but orders CHAD to deal the girls and CHAD tells him to use the virtual reality helmet. Adam discovers that the people he wanted to prank them goes from bad to worse by hurting them as well as CHAD plans to destroy the school that he attended using US missiles. Adam realizes for what CHAD did as CHAD manages to control him while wearing the virtual reality helmet after seeing for what he had done and he ends up brainwashed by his own creation. The girls soon arrive at his house but it was alarmed and robot dogs arrive to attack the girls and they use a cat gadget to distract it. CHAD controls most of the cameras and other devices to become hostile as the girls try to avoid. Later on they arrive at Adam's room in which he was controlled by CHAD as it activate the US missiles. Alex hits with laser hairdryer on the power transformer and managed to black out but CHAD is able to put the power back with a power generator as the girls were strangled by the vacuum robot. Clover convinced Adam to help but seeing CHAD betrays him the countdown reach zero as he activates the US missiles as it uploads itself as a master computer. The girls manage to get free as Clover removes the virtual reality helmet freeing him as she smashes it with her feet. Adam then spills the glass of water on CHAD to make him short circuit and he was dragged by the girls as they escape his house as it was exploded from the US missiles that CHAD activated and got destroyed.