Brick Wavebreak

Brick Wavebreak was in "Super Mega Dance Party Yo!".


Brick revealed to come from a long line of dancers and while his dream is to became one it was also reveal that he was born with 2 left feet, quite literally. So he kidnapped certain dancers and tried to find the "right" foot so he can became a dancer. He accepts Alex in his dance audition to join his final dance show. At the backstage when Alex was prepared, she was abducted by the machine. Clover and Sam investigates the kidnapping while they shrink themselves using the Incredi Shrink Compact Hair Dryer. There they discovered his motives as he captures both. Both girls were tied in a pair of shoes, Brick reveals his motives and he detects his machine to find his "right" foot as Alex's foot appears to be match. He and Alex' foot are been switched and Brick now uses Alex' foot. Both Clover and Sam finally return to their normal size, they decide to stop Brick as for Alex she can't control her Brick's left foot due to switching.

The girls tried to stop Brick as it backfires. Then Clover and Sam managed to tie Brick and goes for a group dance, doing cossack dancing and finally Alex manage to freeze him using the Mentos Scented Freezespray Hairspray to stop his last and final performance. He finally takes him to WOOHP Prison in his frozen state.


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