Brain Drain
Brain Drain
Air Date May 3, 2004
Season 02
Episode Number 23
Proceeded By Matchmaker
Followed By Fashion Faux Pas

Brain Drain is episode 23 of Season 2.



When Sam is on the game show Brain Busters, something mysterious happens! Sam suddenly forgets all the answers and she loses. Alexandra and Clover are suspicious that something is going on there other than a game show.

Meanwhile, Jerry attempts to run tests on Sam, but she escapes. Alex and Clover find an intelligence-sucking device in the capsules. Sam runs into the Planet Sushi, where she finds Zack and is occupied with the food instead of tutoring him. Jerry finally finds Sam and drives her back to WOOHP when he is called by Alex and Clover.

The news they give is the intelligence-sucking device and they have to sneak back to find more. Alex and Clover find some trouble, and discover that the girl who won against Sam is working with the game show host. It goes to a game of Brain Busters while Alex and Clover are trapped in a glass tank with barely any oxygen. They manage to escape, and successfully attempt to stop them, restoring Sam's intelligence and memories.



  • The license plate of the WOOHP car says "WOOHPI".
  • Sam does not wear her catsuit in this episode.
  • Margie's name and hair style are a reference to Marge Simpson.
  • Wink Weatherdale is named after world famous game show host Wink Martindale.


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