Bling Jet was seen in "Evil Airlines Much?". Bling Jet is presumably so high tech that it only requires one person to man the aircraft, as no other pilots are shown anywhere in the episode.




  • 5 Star French Restaurant
  • Air Approved Landing System, complete with spinning rims
  • Auto-Buckling Seat Belt
  • Can fly at speeds up to 91,000,000 miles per hour (146,000,000 kilometres per hour). Which is 118,644 times faster than the speed of sound (767 miles per hour).
  • Diamond coated doors for the cockpit
  • Emergency landing function
  • First class travel
  • Fully equipped Spa
  • Hydropowered engines that collect condensation from the clouds
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Massage
  • Mud Bath
  • Night Club
  • Oversized ticket for the winner of Bling Jet's Super Fabulous Contest
  • Robotic flight attendants
  • Self cleaning toilet exhuast
  • Steam Room
  • The Clapper operated seatbelt


  • The uniforms are similiar to real-life Pan American World Airways uniforms.
  • Bling Jet bears a striking resemblance to the Aqua Vitae Resort.
  • Bling Jet departed from Los Angeles International Aiport (LAX).
  • Clover's seat was 5D, right next to Triple Threat. They are implied to be seated at seats 5E, 5F, and 5G.
  • The tagline "Fly the friendly skies" is derived from the United Airlines slogan used from 1965 to 1996, and re-used in 2013.


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