Black Widows
Black Widows
Air Date March 23, 2001
Season 01
Episode Number 16
Proceeded By Wild Style
Followed By Spies vs. Spies

Black Widows is episode 16 of Season 1.



The girls investigate the disappearance of the Honeybees, a high school cheerleading squad from California who're the California state champions and have won the national cheerleading competition the last ten years in a row. They're sent undercover as the WOOHPettes, the new California state champions, and they place 3rd in nationals (a squad from Texas got 2nd place), and the 1st place winners were the Black Widows, a new squad. Sam notices that the routine was very familiar (it was the same exact routine as the Honeybees), and the girls follow them to investigate. In the B-story, Mandy competes against Sam in the Beverly Hills High annual spelling bee.