The Black Knight is a villain who appeared in "Stuck in the Middle Ages with You".


He lived in Malibu, as he mentions to Clover. He was unsatisfied with his life, as he descended from a lineage of presumably evil kings and would still have been royal, if not for one certain king in England in the Middle Ages. He plans to conquer the kingdom and then return to the future, which thanks to his interference in the history of the past, he will be worth billions.

Dressed in black armour, he abducted several scientists so that they could send him to the past, where he would defeat the king who disowned his family and take over his kingdom with the END (Electronic Nullification Device), a weapon that fired laser rays. Samantha, Alexandra, and Clover tried to thwart his plans, but Sam and Alex ended up in the dungeon whereas Clover was caught by the Black Knight himself. The Knight decided Clover would be his queen and became even more evil, now planning to change the course of history altogether by taking over the entire world with Clover as his queen and the END. He used the END to take over his enemy king's castle and took Clover as his queen once again after she tried to escape him. To that end, he dressed her in a queen outfit and, when he approached her in her shackles on the tower, said to her in a sexist manner that his ideal queen was "all about obedience"; while we do not know much else of this statement, we can assume that he means he would make "Queen" Clover completely subservient to him, and she will be nothing more than his slave.

Sam and Alex took on disguises and freed Clover, after which the trio discovered the Knight's technology required for returning to the past. Their mission became even more dire when they discovered that due to the Knight's actions, WOOHP or Beverly Hills no longer existed. Sam, Alex and Clover tricked the Knight into shooting off a piece of rock which destroyed the END After that, they restored the crown to the rightful King.

The Black Knight came in trying to attack the spies with his guards, but those were defeated easily, after which Sam and Alex caught the Knight with their expendable nails. They tied him up and returned to the future, where Jerry Lewis had the Black Knight arrested.


He selected Clover to be his queen in "Stuck in the Middle Ages with You", but he spoke with her in a very misogynistic manner, saying that his ideal queen was "all about obedience". She did not return any affection towards him, however, and she later arrested him.