Bertha Bombshell (nee Crackenshell) was in "Pageant Problems". She was a former girlfriend of Jerry Lewis. She stole the WOOHP aging reversal serum after Jerry drops his WOOHP ID in the outdoor parking lot. The girls arrives at headquarters after being WOOHPed and Sam disables the laser security systems. Jerry discovers that the aging reversal serum that he developed is missing and Alex discovers a hair strand and they analyze that Bertha was responsible in stealing the serum who lives in Liverpool, England. Jerry then sends the girls to Liverpool in Bertha's house.

While they investigate her house, she was the winner of the contest within her pictures until she has a picture of her being in second place as the "Ms. Fish and Chips". They knew it was her revenge for being second as they called Jerry. Jerry reveals to them that he dates her once in their relationship making the girls laugh. He tells them that the aging serum begins to deteriorate as seen the green apple begins to deform. He orders them to take Bertha into custody to revise the serum effect. The girls discovers that she joins the charitable teen contest and it was her reason on stealing the aging serum and drinks it to become her youthful self.

Before the talent portion, The girls attempted to stop Bertha as Sam uses her web gadget to stop her but backfires, as the girls get caught instead. Bertha explains her revenge was wanted to be the winner of the charitable teen contest as she leaves the girls. Her body begins to mutate and her body went into something elastic. Noticing her condition during the talent portion of the competition, the host eliminates her from the competition. She became angry because of this and went on a rampage as she stretched both of her legs and stomped on the stage, causing the audience to flee. The girls manage to get free thanks to Clover, who had a diamond tiara to release themselves. They fight the rampaging Bertha as they failed to stop. Clover and Sam manage to hit her with sonic missiles from their WOOHP boat and falls her down to the ocean. Bertha does not giving up and hits their boat with her stretch punches. The girls managed to defeat her with their gadgets to stick her down in her elastility state. She was arrested by the girls as Clover put the diamond tiara as her handcuffs. Jerry and his men finally came to see her as Bertha apologizes to her former boyfriend. Jerry comments that she was still the second place of "Ms. Fish and Chips", and ordered her into custody.