Beauty Is Skin Deep
Beauty Is Skin Deep
Air Date
Season 04
Episode Number 17
Proceeded By Evil Ice Cream Man Much?
Followed By Like, So Totally Not Spies

Beauty Is Skin Deep is episode 17 of Season 4.



A hot new line of cosmetics is hitting the shelves at the trendiest boutiques in New York, Paris, and Beverly Hills. The makeup line is called "Moody Beauty" and is designed to give the girls wearing it a specific desired look (happy, pouty, mysterious, strange, surprised, etc.). But the makeup comes with one startling side-effect - it permanently contorts the face of the person wearing it. For example, the happy eye shadow makes you look as a clown, the pouty lipstick makes you look sad and so on. As the spies investigate, they find out that the sinister force behind the makeup is an ex-beauty queen, named Miss Vanity. Cast away after years of being in the spotlight, Miss Vanity ultimately decided that people are too vain, and so to remedy that, her makeup will make everyone look equally hideous. Can the spies stop Miss Vanity before she turns them and the entire world into a freak show? Can the spies come to terms with discovering that Jerry prefers to wear "just a little makeup" to add color to his otherwise pasty British skin?

In the B-story, Clover thinks that she's rejected by a boy, so she starts to let her appearance slip. But it turns out that the boy, Rodney, already has a girlfriend, and that Clover reminded him of her.



  • References to the rank of queen in “Totally Spies!
  • Goof: When the girls are on the runway Sam says Clover has no makeup on but Clover can be seen wearing lipstick.
  • Miss Vanity resembles Mask Scara from "The Powerpuff Girls" episode, "A Made Up Story". They were both cast away after their empires crumbled, and wanted revenge on the world rejecting them.