From Season 3 to Season 4, the spies live together in a beach house in Beverly Hills while their parents are in Europe. The beach house has also been referred to as the Spies' Villa.

There is a room for each girl. Initially, the girls argue over who gets the biggest room but after Clover wins, she soon discovers that her window faces Mandy's bedroom and that they are living next door to Mandy House.

In the Season 4 episode "Futureshock!", it is revealed that the future selves of the spies are still living together 20 years later. Alexandra thought it was really cool, but Clover felt it was pathetic; claiming, "Hello? Thirty-something and still single."

In "Alex Gets Schooled" when Alex has to go to boarding school, Jerry stays over as a housemate. He later has a party and trashes the house.

In "Evil Valentine's Day", Guillaume visits regularly to clean their pool.

During "Totally Busted"; after Gabriella, Stella, and Carmen find out about their WOOHP careers; they force them to move out of the beach house and the mothers put the house up for sale. But in the end, they let their daughters move back into the beach house and they let them keep their jobs at WOOHP (and the mothers also become WOOHP agents).

Samantha, Clover, and Alex move out of the beach house after they graduate from Beverly Hills High and start college at Malibu University.